Life Saving Injection,
25 Years of MPR Vaccine

The Life Saving Injection,
25 Years of MPR Vaccine

    Measles, mumps and rubella have been devastating diseases in many countries. In many countries they are still a feared threat. In year 1982 Finland started to MPR vaccinate children. Since then the number of those diseases have fallen almost to zero. The vaccinations have prevented many thousand deaths and severe disabilities.

    Worldwide those diseases are truly evil. Measles is probably the sixth deadliest disease in the world. Rubella infection is the most common cause of deaf-blindness in the world and the cases are numbered in hundreds of thousands every year. Mumps is the cause of infertility for many couples.

    The letters MPR come from the latin names of the diseases: morbilli, parotiitti and rubella.

    2008 Helsinki, Finland 9'11