Ping an, the Village of One Hundred Years Old People

Ping an, the Village of
One Hundred Years Old People

    WHO has declared five villages in the world as the villages of very old people.

    One of these is Ping an in South China Guangxi province.

    During the latest 20 years the Beijing University has made a survey on the people of the village. It seems that most of the people live to be over 100 years old. The lady whom we interviewed is 108 years old and she almost sprinted to meet our film group, for instance. The people in the village also have daily work to do on the fields and only a few of the villagers need glasses. The Beijing University published the results of the survey in November 2006. According to the report, everyone in the village lives in a healthy way, seldom eat meat, eat some plants that improve one's health, and drink pure water with lots of good minerals in it. But in the end, it seems that the most important factor is oxygen. In the mountain areas the air is thinner, and thus people who live there get less oxygen to burn their cells.

    2007 Guangxi, China 14’44

    For the Finnish Broadcasting Co. YLE