Through two Phases of Darkness


Through two Phases of Darkness

    After the collapse of the Soviet-Estonia 1991 many teachers, civil servants artists and many other professionals lost their professions and their state-arranged jobs. This caused a lot of mental problems and increased alcoholism.

    Another dark period was caused by the authorities of independent Estonia some 12 years ago. The political decisions of finance aimed at lowering taxes and cutting the social budget. The decisions were made with the knowledge of their disastrous impact on the lowest income groups, small scale farmers, the elderly, the sick and the children. It was aimed solely to rise the Estonian economy to prosperity and that very quickly.

    The results were soon visible: the rich have become richer and the poor are now worse off than before. As an exmple: one sixth of the Estonian children do not finish even the preliminary school.

    Külli Kool is the founder and Head Mistress of a private Christian Home for Young People in Tartu. She has personally and very bitterly gone through the times of change and its consequencies. She tells of the times of crises in Estonia, the rapid changes and their resulting victims e.g. abandoned children. The stories of Ms Kool and the records of the Home give a typical picture of the prevailing attitude in Estonia towards the indigent groups of the nation.

    Three fatherless youngsters tell of their lives, their fight for survival and how they ended in the Home, their plans and hopes for the future. The relations between Külli and the youngsters is a very moving story of caring and minding.

    The Home is supported also by the World Childrens Foundation founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden.

    This is not a program about misery but a program about how three young people have got up from misery, a program about the ray of hope. They are the first ones in Estonia who have been street children and, in spite of their earlier lives, are now studying in university.

    The former children of the Home have also founded a company and it's income is spend to help the Home to take care of the children in troubles. The saved ones pay their debts.